Courses Overview

Automation isn't just about pushing configs anymore.

The courses and lessons in NRE Labs are curated by a community of experts that have spent time using automation to engineer reliable networks. The skills you can learn here go way beyond the typical "configuration management" automation use case. You'll learn how to use automation to become a troubleshooting wizard. You'll get ahead of issues by proactively verifying that your network is doing what you expect.

As a result, NRE Labs is separated into four distinct courses: Fundamentals, Troubleshooting, Verification, and Configuration. We have a few lessons in each category now, but we'll be releasing new lessons all the time in the near future! Take a look at the descriptions below and decide which one is best for you. Click the buttons below to jump right into a lesson, right now!


Every journey has a beginning.

  • REST APIs and Python
  • Introduction to YAML
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Get to root cause, lightning fast.

  • Deconstructed Troubleshooting Workflows
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Make sure your network is behaving.

  • Network Unit Tests
  • End-to-end Network Tests
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Ensure reliability through consistency.

  • Multivendor Automation
  • Event-Driven Automation
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