Automation. Unshackled.

Learn automation by doing it. Right now, right here, in your browser.

NRE Labs is a no-strings-attached, community-centered initiative to bring the skills of automation within reach for everyone. Through short, simple exercises, all right here in the browser, you can learn the tools, skills, and processes that will put you on the path to becoming a Network Reliability Engineer.

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Not just for experts.

NRE Labs assumes nothing about your background or training. Everything is contained in the browser, and there's something here for everyone.

No paywalls here.

This is first and foremost an educational tool aimed at helping the industry consume automation more readily. So you won't find any paywalls or creepy web trackers here.

Open. Like, for real.

NRE Labs is built on Antidote, an open source project published on Github under an Apache v2 license to make industry-wide participation a first-class citizen.